Whether you come to Perfect Son to achieve a healthy glow, prepare for an exotic trip or even just to relax and pamper yourself, you can feel confident you are at the right place. No matter why you choose to tan, you can count on our friendly staff, effective products and superior equipment to help you reach your desired tanning results.
Solar Force Stand Up

The sky is the limit with the new SolarForce™ 652V tanning booth. This 180 watt tanning booth will wow you with its advanced body cooling system and super speedy 9 minute tanning session, perfect for your busy lifestyle.


There’s no power like a StarPower bed. The StarPower 548 is a 12-minute mega bed with a top of the line facial tanning and cooling system to enhance your tanning experience.


For tanners that would like to spend a little more time relaxing, the SunVision ZX30 is a 20-minute bed with great upgrades such as facial tanners and an extra wide enclosure to minimize tan lines.


The Mystic Tan Sunless Spray Tanning Machine is a private, self-contained system that uses a patented, revolutionary spray on process to apply uniform amounts of Tanning Myst to the entire body. You can easily customize your tan to the level you desire.


Level 1 Beds (Regular Intensity) – $1.00 per minute

Level 2 Beds (High Intensity – Lay Down & Stand Up) – $1.50 per minute

Level 3 Bed (High Intensity Turbo) – $2.00 per minute


Mystic Spray Tan – $35

Includes: Bronze Boost, Base Enhancer and Fragrance





100 Minutes – $65

200 Minutes – $110

300 Minutes – $150

400 Minutes – $180

Level 1 beds – single minutes / Level 2 beds – double minutes / Level 3 bed – triple minutes

Sharing allowed, no expiry.


Minimum 1 year commitment, No sign up fees.

Auto withdrawal banking info or credit card required for continuous monthly payments.

Includes unlimited tanning, guest privileges, one monthly spray tan and 20% off tanning lotions.


1 Month – $109

3 Month – $179

6 Month – $229

1 Year     – $389

Unlimited use of all tanning beds, no initiation or administration fees, one time payment.

No sharing allowed.

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