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Vacuum Therapy

6 Sessions for $300 or $80 for 1

You work hard at the gym, but some areas are more resistant to exercise than others. Vacuum Therapy is a great option to supplement your hard work and bring your results to the next level.

The procedure we offer is called a “Colombian Butt Lift”. It uses patented molding cups which suction and pulse to shape both muscle and fat. This process tightens, tones, and reduces cellulite in the buttocks and surrounding areas.

Optimal results are achieved through 6-8 sessions, but many clients start seeing results after only a few visits.

Lash Extensions

$115 per set / $45 fill

Imagine ditching your mascara and curler. With extensions, you can wake up each day with a perfectly polished set of lashes!

Lash extensions are a semi-permanent option to lengthen and thicken lashes. Whether you prefer a natural look or something a bit more dramatic, our lash expert will work with you to create a custom look that complements your eyes and face shape.

The lash extensions are meticulously applied by our technician individually to your existing lashes over the course of several hours. The result is a beautiful, fluttery set that is much more comfortable, low-maintenance, and light compared to other lash products, such as falsies.

Over the next few weeks, the extensions will fall out as you shed your lashes regularly. It will then be time to schedule a fill to replace the lost lashes.

Luxury Tanning

We offer the most options in the Stratford area when it comes to luxury tanning, because we know that everyone’s skin and preferences are different. We’ll help you find the best option to achieve your optimal glow.

New! Blush Bulbs

With a combination of UV and Red light, you can enjoy softer, gentler sun sessions by tanning with Blush Bulbs. Red light stimulates more oxygen and blood flow, while UVB boosts melanin and Vitamin D. This luxury option offers a long-lasting tan while keeping your skincare in mind.

Regular Intensity Bed

(Max. 20 minutes)

The Regular Intensity Bed is a good option for those with fair skin tones, or those who prefer to sit in the bed for a longer period of time. It is our most relaxing option that is ideal for those who prefer a more gradual approach to tanning.

Turbo Bed

(Max. 12 minutes)

The Turbo Bed provides triple the intensity of a traditional bed. It is ideal for those who tan well and prefer to tan quickly, as it is our fastest tanning option.

High-Intensity Beds

(Max. 12 minutes)

The High-Intensity Bed delivers quick results and is the go-to for medium skin tones. Our studio boasts two High-Intensity Beds, as they are our most popular option. 10 minutes in the High-Intensity Bed is equal to about 20 minutes in the regular bed.


(Max. 9 minutes)

This is a high-intensity option, similar to the High-Intensity Bed, for those who prefer to stand during their tanning session.

Spray Tan

A sunless option that develops colour by applying a fine mist to the skin. A great option for those who are susceptible to burning or who prefer an option without the use of UV rays.